At Tenderfolk Co., we believe in the adventure of youth and the beauty of the great outdoors. We aim to inspire children and adults to enjoy nature and to be creative. Learning is fun and not only empowers us but also helps us to find an appreciation for the beauty of this earth.

Founded in 2017 by fine artist and illustrator Trina Youngfield, Tenderfolk Co. is the realization of an enduring dream for Trina. With college degrees in both the Fine Arts and Speech Pathology, Trina created Tenderfolk Co. to unite her two lifelong passions: art and education. Trina believes in the importance of learning, imagination, and taking care of our world.

All our products are handmade by an independent artisan in the USA. When you make a purchase at Tenderfolk Co., you receive an item produced with environmentally responsible materials and handled with extra love and care.

With creations as unique as our customers, the Tenderfolk Co. brand seeks to provide high quality products to enhance those special moments you spend with your little ones.